Do you have them? – the 7 ingredients for the continuity of your company?

Have you ever baked a cake or a pie? As you probably know, the right amounts of butter, flour, sugar and eggs are essential for the cake or pie to be successful. In the same way there is also a number of basic ingredients essential to keep your company successful.

Today we would like to share the 7 ingredients that we have experienced over the years that are vital for the continuity of your company. With these ingredients you ensure a resilient and future-proof organization.

First, what do we mean by continuity? By that we mean that your company grows and flourishes at the right time, just like in the seasons. And walks an upward path in the long run. That set goals are achieved, people enjoy working there and that your organization has a lasting impact on it’s environment.

1. Vision, mission and strategy

Maybe obvious, but it starts with knowing where you are going, your vision. For both you as a leader and for the organization. A wise proverb from Solomon says, "Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint." In other words, where there is a lack of direction, people go in all directions. The power of a successful organization always starts with an inspiring vision. This ensures that all employees are on the same page. You can compare it to a large container ship sailing its course. If there are several captains on a ship, because no course is being set because the captain does not take his position, the ship will not get where he needs to be. Because a destination has been chosen on the map, everyone knows where they stand and everyone can contribute to this.

"Where there is no vision, people cast off restraint."

The mission supports the vision. This shows what you exist for as an organization. In the case of the container ship, this is bringing the containers to the right place of destination in the most efficient, safest and fastest way. What does your company "exist" for?

The strategy shows the route you have to take to achieve that vision and fulfill the mission. Consider, for example, things such as: which and how many employees do you need? Who's going to do what? Who is responsible for what? Which processes are required for this? How do we ensure that we sell our products or services? What finances are needed? So on and on.

In short, without these ingredients your company is rudderless. But with these ingredients you can go straight for your goal. And achieve even more than you thought possible.

2. Values

What you and your organization consider as important determines your values. This shapes how you interact with each other. How you communicate internally with each other, with customers and partners. And how you proceed. Values ​​can be kind, sincere, professional, ...